The iTooch Elementary application can be used in so many ways in speech-language therapy. The Language Arts portions of the applications are the easiest to adapt and use for therapy, but in reality, the Math, Science, and Health portions have value. All aspects of the application have grade-level vocabulary and allow for practice of reading comprehension, sequence of events/tasks, and can be read aloud to practice articulation skills. This is a plus because as a speech-language pathologist in a public school, it is important to relate lessons to the common core classroom curriculum. Language Arts lessons include practice and assessment of grammatical skills and concepts, syntax, vocabulary, communication (verbal and nonverbal), and figurative language. What’s great about the application is that it is visual, motivating, allows for self-practice, and offers quality lessons on so many different topics. It truly is an amazing, must-have all-in-one application!

Jessica Chase, speech-language pathologist

Jessica Chase, M.A. CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist who works in a K-12 public school. She currently writes for the blog, Consonantly Speaking, and has recently started the collaborative blog Speechie Freebies. On Consonantly Speaking, she has reviewed over 100 educational applications from speech and language perspective. To see her full review of iTooch Elementary, visit her blog.

I use the various iTooch applications to reinforce topics and strategies that I have previously taught during instructional time. The iTooch apps allow my students to practice at their own pace, on various skill sets. I use the English Language Arts and Mathematics Grade 3 on a daily basis. When working with students on the spectrum it is often difficult to find apps that are age appropriate, as well as not over stimulating. I often find the animations that go along with other educational apps become a distraction to my students; it becomes difficult for them to stay on task and keep moving through the sequences of the app. The iTooch apps are perfect for this particular population of students. There is just enough animation to entice and encourage them to continue working on their assigned skill. The apps are easy to navigate independently, allowing students stay on task. My students love to use the virtual blackboard to show their work when working on the mathematics iTooch app. The exercises comply with the Common Core Standards, for both English Language Arts and Mathematics, so it is easy to integrate them into my weekly lesson plans. The tests are short and sweet and far from intimidating. The iTooch apps are fantastic. I highly recommend iTooch apps for educators of all disciplines, general education and/or special education alike.

Moira Hayes, Elementary Special Education teacher

Moira Hayes is an Elementary Special Education teacher from Long Island, New York. She has a BA in elementary Special Education as well as General Education. Over the past 5 years she has created a Life Skills program for students with developmental disabilities.

I use the 3rd grade iTooch app in my classroom on a regular basis. It has several features that really make it stand out from other educational apps. One feature is the scope of the curriculum that it covers. I love that I have one “go-to” app for math that covers my curriculum from day one to the last day of school. I also love to use it to review reading skills such as prefixes and suffixes, contractions, or compare and contrast. A second feature that is extremely important is that the app asks questions in a variety of different question formats. It does not rely only on multiple choice responses, but also includes questions where students must type in a response. A third feature that makes this app unique is that it incorporates a variety of question types- not just recall of information or a specific answer to a math problem. The questions presented require students to think critically. The feature that my students love the most is the orange iTooch character. They like watching his reactions as we use the app. I like that we can click on the orange iTooch character for a short lesson about the topic under discussion. Whether you are using this app for whole class instruction/ review, small group work, or independent practice, the iTooch app will slide seamlessly into your curriculum. The sound effects and iTooch character keep students interested (but not distracted) while you cover important content material. I discovered this app over the past summer and shared it with my colleagues, and now all of the 3rd grade teachers in my building have purchased it!

Kim Overman, Intervention Specialist

Kim Overman is a 3rd grade intervention specialist from St. Marys, Ohio. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education and a Master’s degree in teaching reading. She has taught students with special needs for the past 12 years. For the last 3 years, Kim has co-taught 3rd grade inclusion classes in reading and math.

We found iTooch to be very user-friendly and appropriate for the grade levels offered. It is beneficial to keep track of students’ scores, while also providing students with immediate feedback. While the themes are limited, the multitude of topics and questions are vast. It can easily be adapted for higher or lower level learners, especially in a small group setting. The layout is simple to navigate, while also keeping it consistent. With the unpredictability of internet use in a classroom, being able to use the app without internet is favorable. We feel confident in recommending iTooch to all fellow educators, regardless of their operating devices (iOS, Android, or Windows).

We do believe that this program is well worth the investment for either the app or computer download. However, we feel strongly that many more educators could reap the benefits if it were offered to additional grade levels and content areas.

Anonymous, Elementary Teacher