iTooch 5th Grade Language Arts

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covering 5th Grade curriculum in Language Arts

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Students in fifth grade expand and deepen concepts, skills, and strategies learned at earlier grades. They make new connections as they experience more sophisticated ideas and begin to study subjects in more formal ways. They read and write a variety of texts with greater breadth and depth, critically analyzing and evaluating information and ideas. In iTooch Language Arts 5th Grade Language Arts, fifth graders revisit and refine concepts and their knowledge of ELA conventions as they become more sophisticated, independent learners.

The student will use reading and writing to learn about and understand their world and other cultures, increase vocabulary knowledge through wide reading, word study, discussion, and content area study. This titles concentrates on the fundamentals of the reading and writing of English and covers the basics in grammar, verbs, vocabulary and spelling. It supplements and reinforces the work done in class by focusing on the basics every 5th Grader is expected to master.


Loaded with thousands of questions, apps cover official educational curricula & comply with Common Core State Standards.

This app creates great game dynamics and incentives, so that the user always wants to progress further in the application.

Apps embed a blackboard and a calculator for students to write and calculate directly on the screen without having to leave the app.

A lesson summary is attached to each chapter, to underline the core concepts students should know to answer questions.

Move instantly from one screen to the next. Stop waiting for information to load from a server: bandwidth is no longer an issue.

Apps automatically sync in the background in order to load new activities whenever an Internet connection is available.

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Meet the 5th Grade Language Arts teachers:


Johanna Steinhaus

Language Arts Grade 5 author, Johanna Steinhaus, is an English language teacher and she is the founder of La Petite Génie, an English language learning consultancy practice. She has an MA in the History of the Decorative Arts. Before teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults in Paris, France, Johanna was a Grade 4 school teacher in Brooklyn, NY. As a business English language trainer, Johanna specializes in pronunciation and oral fluency, which are two areas which often challenge English language learners. Using techniques based on phonics and other pedagogical tools, she has developed a unique program which allows her students to understand the 44 basic sounds of English, to identify them in writing and to pronounce them correctly. Her students attain greater confidence in their expression and improve their ability to communicate while increasing their vocabulary and grammatical proficiency.

Jody Smith

Language Arts Grade 5 copy-editor, Jody Smith, is a 5th Grade teacher. She has a Master of Science in Elementary Education. Jody is a passionate school teacher with more than 12 years of experience. Before contributing to the iTooch project for eduPad, she has led and/or participated in numerous educational projects and mastered several innovative methods such as the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System and Smart Board technologies. Jody has worked with 3rd Grade children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and learning, physical and emotional disabilities.

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