Want to publish easy, fun and tactile
e-learning apps for your users?

eduPad enables organizations to create and share a highly efficient learning experience with attractive pricing. We provide turnkey solutions that facilitate the creation of tactile e-learning apps. Discover the benefits:

Turnkey solutions

Go fast and save time. We handle the rest automatically.

No tech development

No lengthy and expensive tech development. No hassle.

Free app distribution

Distribute your application for free to your users.

Brand consistency

Skin your application to make it consistent with your brand.

How does it work?

  1. You send us an XML file with your content OR you create your pedagogical structure (themes & chapters), exercises, and lessons summaries using our web interface.
  2. You can change the graphic elements of our standard app, so that your future app is fully consistent with your brand and materials.
  3. We integrate your content in the app.
  4. You test it and when you are happy with the product, we will publish it in all mobile applications stores (Apple, Windows 8…)
  5. You rent the solution on a per-title basis. If your app provides life-changing education content aimed at developing countries, we may even provide our solution for free.
  6. Free e-learning apps are available for your targeted users.*

Is it for my organization?

eduPad offers a unique opportunity to transition from the legacy pay-per-book model to a more attractive fixed-cost digital model. You pay one time for content and hosting, and then distribute at will, resulting in dramatic cost savings.


Our solution enables publishers with great educational content, to easily publish e-learning apps without going through lengthy and expensive technology development.


Businesses can opt for a new, original e-learning model for their workforce. eduPad apps are great for a variety of educational services: training exercises, compliance processes, reference databases and language learning.

State authorities

Federal, state and local authorities can use eduPad to give their users easy, simple and fun access to knowledge.


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can offer free access to high quality pedagogical materials embedded in simple, fun and intuitive interfaces. People need only basic reading skills to use eduPad apps.

Case Study: Eductive

Eductive is an app that invites you to walk through a universe of quotes, proverbs and art pieces all focusing on specific in-depth themes, like love or freedom. The app content was produced by Eductive Media while eduPad provided the technology. As the screenshots show, the entire design of the app has been changed to be fully consistent with Eductive’s brand.

Do you want to take the plunge
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*You can opt for paid apps, or a mix of free and paid apps, in which we offer a revenue sharing model with no entry development costs for your organization.