Become an eduPad Ambassador Teacher
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Here at eduPad, we love to work with passionate teachers who are committed to exploring the pedagogical potential of tactile tablets in the classroom. That is why eduPad has created the Ambassador Teachers Program.

Teachers who participate in the Ambassador Teachers Program gain access to new eduPad technology and applications before they hit the App Store. Ambassadors can use the applications and provide feedback to the authors (who are teachers themselves) and developers before the official launch date.

Once the content is launched, Ambassador Teachers and anyone in their school can download the app they have reviewed free of charge and use it in their class or school!

How to apply:

Fill out our form and start testing our apps before they get released!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we expect from our Ambassadors?
Once you have qualified to become an Ambassador Teacher (for a grade level and/or subject), you will be notified as soon as new content in that field is about to be published. You are then invited to review the content and provide feedback using a simple, online questionnaire.

We also encourage you to send us screenshots of any exercises that need clarifying, typos, and bugs by email with a brief explanation to: feedback(at)edupad(dot)com. If you have any general ideas or requests you can send us a message.

How long does it take to review the content?
It usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes to review the content and then 5 to 10 minutes to fill out the online questionnaire.

Reporting an issue by taking a screenshot takes only 1 minute. Simultaneously press the “Home” and “Off” buttons and email it directly from your iPad with an explanation to: feedback(at)edupad(dot)com

What does reviewing content involve?
A content review involves:

  • Downloading the content to review it on the Studio App.
  • Scanning the table of contents (list of themes and chapters) to see how well it is tied to Standards of Learning in your state or region.
  • Examining the language use, instruction clarity, variety, visual appeal (texts, images, etc.) and if the level of difficulty is appropriate for your teaching context.
  • Viewing at least 2 to 3 chapters in each theme in order to get an accurate idea of the content.
  • Reporting on your impressions on the corresponding questionnaire (the link is sent at the same time as the download instructions) and sending screenshots of any issues to feedback(at)edupad(dot)com
What are the benefits of being an Ambassador Teacher?
Once the reviewed content is published, Ambassador Teachers are sent instructions on how to gain free access of the final product for themselves and their students or school. That equals up to thousands of dollars of free pedagogical content.

Being an Ambassador Teacher also contributes to your own professional development in that you become a part of the international eduPad team. Your feedback is directly linked to the quality of the applications and helps the authors (who are teachers themselves) and/or developers, so that we efficiently incorporate your input into the next content update.

Content that is given below-average ratings from Ambassador Teachers is not published until we have made the appropriate corrections.

Why are we taking this approach?
Independent reviewers provide the objective feedback necessary to make the applications the best they can be. We believe this initiative is an efficient and powerful way to ensure high-quality results. Ambassador Teachers donate some of their time to review the content and in exchange they receive hot-off-the-presses applications to use with their students.

Ambassador Teachers are passionate, independent and committed instructors. eduPad relies on Ambassador Teachers to provide top quality educational content to schools and parents at a fraction of the price of the traditional publishing world.

How can I apply to become an Ambassador Teacher?
Simply fill out the Ambassador Teacher application form.
Only teachers, principals and education technology directors are eligible.