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Are you a learning institution or do you represent a group of learning institutions looking for a playful and original method of having fun while learning?

Well look no more! iTooch apps are offering a complete method with more than 50,000 activities to enable your students to reconcile learning and fun.

Ideal for academic support, remedial teaching, practicing in class or at home, alone or in small groups, iTooch apps help students to progress academically at their own rhythm.


iOS material

  • We offer schools the opportunity to enjoy our Volume Purchase Program. Edupad has edited programs specifically meant for schools that are willing to buy our apps in large quantity.
  • The programs are delivered in different grades (for example iTooch 4th grade) which include all the subjects available for each grade. In the context of the Volume Purchase Program, schools get a 50% discount.
  • Get more information on Volume Purchase Program.

Android Material

  • We offer schools the opportunity to get our apps on Google Play for Education. Google Play for Education is an extension of Google Play designed for schools. There, educators can discover and purchase Android apps approved by teachers and educators.
  • Programs are delivered in different grades and topics (for instance iTooch 4th grade Math).