At the beginning of March, I was fortunate enough to win a code for iTooch Grade 6 Health. The moment I opened the app, I knew it was a winner. It was easy to use, easy to understand, and had just the perfect amount of animation to keep my son interested, but not distracted or over-stimulated. He was engaged, he absorbed the information, and best of all, he retained the information. He loves game shows, particularly Wheel of Fortune, so before he submits his answer choice, he’ll say “Survey Says”. You can’t get that element of suspense from a plain old worksheet!!
Since trying the Grade 6 Health, we also got Recess (I believe from a Free App Friday). He LOVES the bubbles! I also purchased the Grade 3 and Grade 4 apps. No more fighting with him to come to school, no more redundant workbooks & worksheets, no more hours spent struggling to come up with lessons, idea and curriculm’s. The lessons, practice sheets, tests, chalkboard, calculator, and even the badges…are right there at our fingertips. If questions in a particular subject are too advanced, then those are areas we need to either skip or spend more time on. No more guessing.
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Stacie Junio, mom of a 11-year-old son

The app starts at a third grade level, so it is perfect for my oldest son. Titles cover Language Arts, Math, and Science. They have over 1,500 questions per title, which I like because I know the app will grow with him. Not to mention, they are constantly updating, so there is potential for more. Each lesson is based on the Common Core State Standards that have been adopted by most states in the US. […] My son is very competitive and motivated by positive encouragement. Each correct answer plays a positive ding and when they are wrong, it is not discouraging. The program allows for children to earn badges and achievements that they can share with their friends.

Nancy Bleuer, teacher and mom of a 3rd grade child

Fen decided to start with literacy, and I watched over her shoulder, annoying her, as she worked through some of the questions in practice mode. Once she felt ready, she switched over to test mode and went for it! I was fascinated by how she took these questions more seriously because it was “test mode”. Overall I really enjoyed the app, initially for its clean design and ease but the real test was watching Fen become absorbed in the questions. Even when she came upon a problem she hadn’t learned in school yet, she tried to answer, and we would go look at the explanation page afterward.
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Jeanette Nyberg, mom of a 4th grade child

iTooch uses positive reinforcement to encourage learning, which is so important! Our kids absolutely LOVE that, and they loved watching the little guy act out funny things. I love learning apps that include a level of fun as well! It is very user friendly and includes tests with a variety of ways to answer the questions, so it isn’t all multiple choice, which I often see just leads to a lot of guessing! Each chapter includes lessons. They always keep their apps up to date and they comply with core standards.
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Emilee Roberts, homeschooling mom of 3

I was originally interested in reviewing the App specifically for the area of Math. Compared to language arts and science, math is my daughter’s relative weakness. She flew through the first two lessons and was proud that she could answer the questions. She and I both liked the cute graphics that are included. She immediately moved on to the other lessons and she didn’t want to put the iPad down until she had completed them. Within each lesson, you can choose to complete the practice questions first, and then move on to the testing mode. […] Overall, my daughter and I were extremely pleased with the iTooch Elementary School App. I have already purchased the full version of the 3rd grade Math for her. I even enjoy quizzing myself! It’s nice to know that the 4th grade math, science, and language arts are there when my daughter is ready to progress to the next level.

Kimberly Krasowski, mom of a 3rd grade child

I recently had the chance to review the free app iTooch Elementary School on my iPad (you can use it on your iPhone/iTouch as well) and want to share a bit about it with you. […] I think this app has a lot of potential, certainly the free version is a great way to reinforce already learned skills and a fun way to learn new concepts. iTooch is cute and is sure to entertain your kids, the downside to that is they may wait to answer questions just to see his cute shenanigans 🙂 . I like that you can choose which topic and chapter you want to work on just by clicking on the circle on the home page. That way the student can decide what they want to learn if they don’t want to do it in order.

Tammy Litke, mom of 16-year-old girl

The iTooch app from eduPad is a great resource for elementary and middle school students who need extra practice. Even better, these apps are FREE for the basic versions. This is a great chance for you to preview the app before purchasing it. If your child really struggles in school, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase the full version. At only $4.99 for the full version, it’s a huge savings over hiring a tutor! […] Knowing that these programs are aligned to the Common Core Standards makes it even more attractive. With the current shift toward these standards, students will be required to make connections over a broader curriculum. This is an excellent opportunity to help your child get the upper hand on these concepts while having fun. I’m going to keep up with eduPad to see what they add to these apps to make them applicable to more content areas, specifically science and social studies.
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Dianna Zoomsalot, middle school teacher and mom of a 3rd grade child

I worked through the 3rd Grade modules. The exercises were very similar to those that my daughter is set for homework and they would be a really good way of reinforcing basic concepts. I found some of the answers challenging so there is plenty within the exercises to stretch your child’s abilities. The little animation in the corner of the screen will go to bed, read a book or go fishing if you leave the app idle for too long. My daughter loved this. Best points include:

  • It follows a simple easy to follow format
  • The questions are challenging
  • The material reinforces learning at school
  • Tests are designed to be quick and fun
  • The little animation is very cute and entertaining
  • The app is simple and fast to load.

Rachel McClary, Early Education Consultant, writer and mother of 3