iTooch Elementary, by edupad, has hit another home run, and this time it is a grand slam! They have combined age groups and content to give this app an incredible shelf-life. If you don’t find what you need, you can even make your own. The app is free to download and nine titles can be tried out before buying any in-app purchases, which are available for each topic.

Jayne at Teachers with Apps

I was very surprised at how much I liked this app. I found the short stories and accompanying questions appropriate for students to practice their reading skills. I also enjoyed the math as it provided examples that pertained to a problem that can be applied to the real world. I also liked how the option of reviewing the concept was available in the lesson by tapping on the character. I will be using this app in my classroom.

Christy at Review For Dev

iTooch is a great tool for those families who have older elementary aged children. I even have a real-life testimonial to illustrate this! I have a 5th grader who had a test on fractions coming up. The two days before her test, I sat her down with this app for 5 minutes a day to “study”. When I picked her up from school the day of the test, I asked her how it went. She said, “Mom, it was SO easy! Playing that app really helped!” What more proof do you need? This app is a free download that comes with what you need to get started and use the app on a limited basis. You can purchase the full version of any subject for $4.99 in-app, if you wish to have more resources. Honestly, this is a wonderful app to own and a great way to encourage your children to study and learn while having fun!

Monica at the Iphone Mom

Overall, I think the iTooch elementary school series of apps are very well done educational apps. The free app includes enough material to give you a good idea of what the full app is like, and you can see the list of topics covered in the full version. The full apps are a good value for the amount of material they cover. These apps are useful both for homeschooling parents, school use in the classroom and supplementing classroom learning. My son found them engaging, and I liked being able to easily see what he has been studying, and how he is doing. Highly recommended.

Mary at the iMums

Overall, there are simply too many great details to go into for an app review. I highly recommend that you download the free versions of the app and see what will work for your students. The questions vary in level of difficulty and rigor and the app boasts more than 10,000 exercises for students. This top pick is a great item to add to any educator’s toolbox. With Common Core aligned questions, lessons, and assessments, this app truly does it all.

Sarah on Fun Educational Apps

When I reviewed the SplashMath App, I was really in love with the app. Because it provides a compressive math exercise for kids at elementary school, with all the contents aligned with school curriculum. Today I am even more excited to share another app that is also linked with school curriculum, and what is more, it includes Math, Language Art, and Science for Grade 3 to 5, and Health for Grade 5 – this is a total of 10 titles. iTooch Elementary School is a great app for kids in Grade 3 to 5. It is especially great for using at home, so parents don’t have to go out search for apps at their kids’ level. All you need to know is your child’s grade level and the subject or topic you want the child to practice on, say, math 2-digit multiplication.

Beth at iGame Mom

Huge Teacher, Parent, Caregiver Alert! This app in it’s free version is great – The Paid version – priceless! You can set the guidelines and track the progress of your kids as they move through the levels. They will be busy having fun – just let them! This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

Mary at

The app primarily is founded in providing thousands of really good practice problems for those that need extra practice, skill-building, reinforcement, or just want a challenge. […] One feature that I found very cool was the intuitive link to the calculator on the iPhone. On many questions in which a number was going to be the answer, when you click the line, the calculator pops up instead of the typing keyboard.

Erin at Kleinspiration

iTooch Middle School is free to try. Teachers and parents would be wise to download the app and check it out. It’s a solid educational app, even with the areas for improvement, and many will find it meets a need for a reasonable price.

Heather at SmartAppsForKids

iTooch Elementary School offers comprehensive practice in language arts, science and math at grades three through five, as well as practice with fifth grade health if users can purchase all of the relevant modules. Questions are well-written and the lessons provided are informative and clear.

Sandra at Best Apps for Kids

iTooch Elementary School is a comprehensive educational app which parents and teachers can use to let their children or students learn about Math, Science, and Language and Arts for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade levels. Spend 5 to 10 minutes a day with your child to learn a chapter or two and be surprised at their progress.

Stephanie at iHeartThisApp

iTooch is a pioneer – leading the way towards traditional, grade level based, comprehensive curriculum being available on mobile devices. Children can learn, practice, and test their knowledge in all the core skills taught in grade 6-8 language arts and math (and also health for grade 6) with iTooch: Middle School.

Jennifer at Apps for Homeschooling

This free app is definitely worth giving a try! If the free samples fit the needs of your child(ren,) give iTooch in-app purchases a try! It is very well-done, engaging, and appropriate for the school curriculum of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. I found the interface of this app to be very child-friendly to keep the child motivated and have fun at the same time. The lessons are very intensive and applicable to the appropriate curriculum based on US Common Core Standards.

Christie at Technology in (Spl) Education

This app is an all inclusive English app that aligns with the Common Core Standards. A chalkboard interface with the option of practicing or testing the student using 10/20 or ABC grading. The practice mode allows students who are struggling to take their time to understand the concept. The app includes Grammar, Verbs, and Vocabulary and Spelling. The app is appropriate for fourth grade- sixth grade students based upon individual needs. The app includes a pencil and chalkboard in case the student needs scratch paper.

Someone at Bridging Apps

  • The application offers an incredible amount of free lessons and tests! Plus, there are over 18,000 exercises that can be added on!
  • The application has correlated activities to the national common core standards.
  • There are lessons, practice tests, and tests for students to practice their skills in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Health.
  • Important vocabulary is highlighted in a different color.
  • Lessons are divided up into grades to make sure that the user is learning at an age-appropriate level.
  • One can view his or her progress on the application and review lessons.
  • Images are included with many lessons which is great for students who are visual learners.
  • A user can take notes or work out equations via a chalkboard within the application.
  • Children are motivated by iTooch’s animations from time to time.
  • Students are given immediate feedback on an answer.

Jessica at Consonantly Speaking

iTooch Elementary School app is a typical question and answer study aid for elementary students with an interesting twist. The questions are very nicely written and presented. They are also clearly worded and easy to see. The questions are not all words and multiple choices. Some of the questions have pictures, graphs and other elements. Some of the elements even zoom when clicked. And some of them are answered by typing, and underlining. […]Overall the app is fantastic, and recommended as a study aid for students in grade school.

Adrian at Smart Kids Apps

Overall, iTooch Elementary Christmas Edition is definitely going straight to my must-have application list. It’s entertaining, informative, and very useful. Also, as the app name states, the spirit of Christmas is in the air so might as well download this app this instant and make it as your Christmas gift to your adorable kiddos or students. It’s better to give something valuable to kids rather than just some money or toys, right?

Lavinia at AppLatter

We have always known that learning and practicing math can be quite boring. Kids always want a fun way to learn math and why not? It’s fun learning math when it’s a part of a game. With the advent of the iPad into the education sector, it has become essential for iPad app developers to provide the petit users with unique and rich apps that not only help them upgrade their knowledge, but induce them to learn math more often. iTooch Elementary School provides children to practice language arts, math and science concepts. This app is basically for children who are in grades three, four and five! It is based on National Common Core standards that has a virtual blackboard for notes and diagrams.

Dhvanesh at iGeeksBlog

I appreciate the effort the developers of this app – eduPad – took to include detailed instructions for use. Students can touch several places to bring up tips and tricks. It’s also quite clear that they are committed to receiving and responding to feedback from users. This is the first time I’ve seen an in-app way to send the developers an email.

Cutia at Apps for Class

Why we love this app
This app is a great supplement to coursework that will keep your kid ahead of the curve. While iTooch apps are limited in terms of fun and engaging characters and gameplay, they are comprehensive. This app alone offers more than 4,500 lessons based on Common Core Standards.

What it teaches and how it works
The chapters devoted to numbers, calculation, and arithmetic alone make this a worthy download. For more advanced students looking to bring basic numeric concepts to other disciplines including geometry, advanced measurement, and problem solving, iTooch is a great crossover application.

Why your kid won’t be able to put it down
It may take some prodding at first, but serious-minded students who are bored with the pace of learning in their own classroom will find new challenges within this app and others in the iTooch series.

Brad Spirrison at appoLearning


  • Supports US National Common Core Standards
  • Offers traditional learning outside of the classroom
  • Purchases can be made as children advance grade levels



  • None; we were impressed with this widely comprehensive app

Emily at iPad Kids

This is definitely one of the best apps for teachers and for schools. While we enjoyed using it outside of the classroom, I can see how teachers would get tons of use for iTooch in the classroom. I highly recommend this app for parents looking for an educational app for their elementary school-aged kid. It’s lots of fun and doesn’t skimp on learning.

Jasmine at Awesome Kids Apps





Impressive resource with high-quality content and challenging quizzes

Though the questions are mostly multiple choice, their subject matter and format are varied enough to make each quiz surprising and rewarding. The app integrates nicely with the iOS Game Center, allowing kids to track scores and share results. The lessons are thoughtfully written, and the questions have depth. iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts is an impressive resource for the middle school language arts classroom.

Kids are rewarded for answering quickly and for answering correctly; they earn a green badge for completing a quiz and a star for a perfect score.When kids choose a section, they encounter a cartoon avatar who acts as their guide. As kids advance through the game, the avatar earns different martial-arts style belts. It feels good to earn these rewards and accumulate stars on the main page. iTooch Language Arts feels good for learning if only because so much high-quality content is represented.

The quizzes are refreshing because they’re genuinely challenging. There are no easy sections here, and each lesson requires serious attention and effort. Some questions feel aspirational but achievable. These lessons address critical skills for accomplished readers and writers, and it’s exciting to find an app that’s age-appropriate for younger learners without being condescending.

The language is sophisticated enough for middle school students but simple enough to be accessible to less strong readers. The passages included are used to great effect to challenge students and elicit great insights about literary devices and author’s intentions. It’s clear that this app would work well both as a tool for solo studying or as a tool for collaborative group work.