Android Reviews Manager is a ridiculously simple, efficient and free way to monitor your user’s revriew for your Android Apps.


Why Android Reviews Manager?

Because Google™ enables developers to reply to users’ reviews (which is great), but doesn’t provide a simple alert system to enable developers to be reactive (which is lame). Nor does (uber-fantastic) App Annie™ or any other service provider.

We operate a company, eduPad, which runs160 Apps on Android, iOS, and Windows 8, and we used to have a person here working full time to monitor users’ reviews. So we needed something like Android Reviews Manager REALLY badly. So badly, actually, that one day we decided to build the service ourselves. Once we got it, we found it so good we had to share it with our peer Developers. Oh, and, BTW, the person who used to search the ADC for new users’ reviews several hours a day everyday now has time to focus on developing new exciting features for our Apps! 😉

We believe that anyone serious about his Android Apps should use our service.

How does it work?

  1. Search for the Apps you want to monitor. By default, Android Reviews Manager searches for Apps referenced in the US Play Store, but you can specify another country, based on the list of countries covered by Android Reviews Manager. This list will progressively increase in time.
  2. For every App you want to track, touch the “Start tracking” button. The last ten reviews will load and the App will be monitored daily from this moment on.
  3. Everyday, you’ll receive an email whenever a new user review is published on the Google Play Store on an App you monitor.
  4. Just like emails, you can “Mark as read” the reviews to dismiss them (they are still in the database, so you can “Mark them as unread” if needed.
  5. The “Reply” to a review button opens the Google Play Developer Console, where you can answer the user. Users just LOVE getting feedback from Developers, so we recommend that you answer even 5-star reviews, not only low-rated reviews.
  6. You can iterate based on your user’s review and make your amazing App even better!  :)