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Students in the third grade continue to build on concepts introduced in K-2 but now begin to apply more advanced scientific skills. They learn how to investigate, evaluate evidence, measure, organize, and synthesize. At this level, invisible mater is introduced, which challenges students to think about all that exists beyond their senses. Other topics reviewed in this application include matter, magnets, energy, habitats, food chains, conservation, the human body, Earth’s resources, the rock cycle, weathering, and more. Each topic is tied to common core standards and combined, these topics are meant to provide a comprehensive review for standardized testing at this level. Additionally, images, examples, and review questions embedded in the review topics motivate students and help expose them to the wonders of the scientific world that surrounds us.


Loaded with thousands of questions, apps cover official educational curricula & comply with Common Core State Standards.

This app creates great game dynamics and incentives, so that the user always wants to progress further in the application.

Apps embed a blackboard and a calculator for students to write and calculate directly on the screen without having to leave the app.

A lesson summary is attached to each chapter, to underline the core concepts students should know to answer questions.

Move instantly from one screen to the next. Stop waiting for information to load from a server: bandwidth is no longer an issue.

Apps automatically sync in the background in order to load new activities whenever an Internet connection is available.

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Meet the 3rd Grade Science teachers:

Rachel Oser

iTooch 3rd Grade Science author, Rachel Oser, has taught science for eight years in various public schools throughout the east coast of the US. She has a particular passion for developing curriculum and designing engaging lessons for students to maintain their wonder about the natural world. With a BA in Psychology from Queen’s College, and an MA in Biology from University of Maryland, she is also continuing her studies by pursuing a PhD in science education from Curtin University. Rachel currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband and three children and loves to get in touch with nature in a concrete jungle.

Vann Trotter

iTooch 3rd Grade Science editor, Vann Trotter has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and a bachelor’s degree in English from Piedmont College in Georgia. He has spent the past 18 years as a copy editor at six newspapers across the United States and has won awards for headline writing and recognition for his editing. His passion for newspapers and editing has also enabled his wanderlust, allowing him to live in places as diverse as Athens, Georgia, Key West, Florida, and Anchorage, Alaska. He and his wife, Jane, now call Raleigh, North Carolina, home. They have one child, a 95-pound boxer named Herschel.

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