The largest exercise database

eduPad apps go in-depth with official educational curricula. With between 1,500 and 6,000 questions per title, we offer the largest database of educational content in the mobile market. Our exercises comply with the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

Badges, scores and achievements!

With more than 50 badges and achievements to unlock, our apps are loaded with great game dynamics to students engaged in the learning process. Apple Game Center integration allows students to share their scores with their friends.

Blackboard & calculator

All iTooch apps come complete with a virtual blackboard and a standard calculator, so students don’t have to leave the app to make a calculation or draw a figure. This feature is not available on Windows 8.

Lessons, hints and more

A lesson summary is attached to each chapter, which includes all of the concepts and information students need to know to succeed. eduPad lessons are multi-media, and questions contain text, images, sounds, hints and detailed answers.

In-App purchases

Are you a math wiz who needs to brush up on your Language Arts or Science? You can download additional content straight into the app. Paid apps are also available for Apple’s VPP.

In-App feedback

Found a bug? Noticed a typo? Thought of a great new feature you’d like to see in the app? Users can enable our in-app feature to send feedback to the author of the content with the touch of a finger!

No Internet connection

No Internet connection is required, so our apps can be used anywhere: at home, at school, while commuting or traveling. That means there’s no lag-time: you can move instantly from one screen to the next. You don’t have to wait for information to load.

Always up to date

Our apps automatically sync in the background in order to load new activities whenever an Internet connection is available. You don’t need Internet to use the app, but as soon as you get connected, we’ll take care of everything to get you up to date!