The lessons are clear and well-designed to address the Common Core Standards. Examples are included. The questions are also well-written, and assess the CCS in a number of different formats, including multiple choice, fill-in and highlighting formats…”




“What I like the most about the app is that it matches the school curriculum.  As parents, you don’t have to go out searching for materials that are at your child’s level. This is a huge time saver.”



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All of their apps are designed to teach material to US common Core Standards, and the apps were developed in collaboration with teachers. “iTooch” is the cute little cartoon character that guides the student through the app.”


appyladiesOur apps have not the ambition to replace teachers. They have been thought as a complimentary tool. They (iTooch apps) provide an easy-to-use interface for students to practice what they have learned during the day at school. Each chapter includes a lesson summary to highlight the main concepts students should know.”


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The content is solid: topics range from concrete exercises in reading, grammar, and composition to more enrichment-style lessons on vocabulary and communication skills. The lessons are thoughtfully written and the questions have meaningful depth.


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Parents and teachers can also guide the child to focus on specific chapters and lessons that they want the child to learn and practice.


I was quite overwhelmed with the quantity of materials provided in this app



If you are looking for a great way to either reinforce the curriculum your child is learning in school or if you are a home-school mom who needs a new app to add to your curriculum then look no farther! iTooch Elementary School is the app for you.



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This app is perfect for long school breaks to keep your children’s skills sharp while they aren’t in the classroom.


Heather..logoIf you like apps that not only are fun for your kids but teach them at the same time then you will like iTooch app”“I love the practice mode in the app. Students can practice as many times as they want without a timer.


pea of swetness logo” I liked this app so much I decided to see what else they had to offer and found a fun “Recess” App and French as a Foreign Language, which was REALLY exciting to me as I’m teaching our kids French as well as teaching French in our homeschool Co-Op!”




liebers F. logoThere is a lot of variety in the types of questions and responses presented.  It looks like it would easily keep the attention of a wide variety of learners.”